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Where’s the Love? 

Are you dating anyone? When are you going to get married? 

These are two questions that single young women get asked often. 

At a young age, women are led to believe that fairytales and happy endings are the only things to look forward to as they mature. When it comes to love and relationships, women tend to drain themselves with the pressure that society places on them to get married and start a family. While marriage is a beautiful thing, a young woman’s career and individual aspirations take the back seat to their love life. 

Our own ideas and desires fade away as family, friends, and even social media make us think that something is wrong if we are not pursuing a romantic relationship. We start to believe that we are behind or not on the right path. The truth is the love that you desire will come when it is time. The relationships that we have with our parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, and ourselves should not be overlooked when it comes to the topic of love. 

Before the relationship and even during the relationship, it is important to do the necessary work to become the person that you were destined to be. Love the parts of yourself that you neglected to fulfill the dream that was curated by others. Some key things that will help develop self love: 

Focus on your physical and mental health

What are you feeding your body?

What are you feeding your spirit?

Learn your relational patterns

What attracted you to your past partners?

Would you say that you have healthy relationships?


When was the last time that you explored your city?

What is one place that you have always wanted to visit?

The love is there. Look within and nurture the love that you have for yourself before you share it with anyone else. Most importantly, move at your own pace. Love is not a race and it will find you when you stop worrying about when and where it will happen. 


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