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Take a Break

When you feel like you’ve extended yourself beyond your limits, take a break. 

Taking a break can seem unrealistic for someone who is always busy. There is either a meeting or another assignment that is due after you finally complete one task. It seems like the work load never ends. You keep going because you want to be successful and finish all of your tasks. The truth is that you often put your work before your health. 

When you start to notice that you struggle with getting up in the morning or you’re always anxious about something that you need to do, reevaluate your schedule and activities. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I involved in too many activities? If so, what can I cut out of my schedule?

  • When can I take a break today?

  • How can I make sure that I don’t overdo it today? 

You may not complete everything on your list today, but always allow yourself time to breathe. If we don’t give ourselves time to reflect on the day, we won’t be able to function properly. We begin to give a half-hearted effort regarding our passions because we maxed out on energy. 

Taking a break is more than turning our phones and computers off for the day. Taking a break is like saying to yourself: During this time, I will take care of myself in a way that will permit me to manage the demands of life.

Another important aspect of taking a break is understanding why you feel the need to do everything at once.

  • How are my activities benefiting me or serving others? 

  • Am I doing this for approval? 

  • Am I connecting this activity to my identity?

At the core of taking a break is finding a balance. Find a balance in the things that make you happy and that will help you get to where you want to be. Find a balance in it all. 

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