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Soul Sister

Having a soul sister in your life is such a humbling and amazing experience. A soul sister does not necessarily mean that you share the same bloodline, in fact, it can mean the total opposite. With a soul sister in your life, it is like the two of you instantly connect as soon as you both meets. You found your other half but are still whole. A soul sister can be the same as a “soulmate best friend.” Often, we look at our soulmates as just our romantic partners or significant others. However, soulmates and significant others can come in different forms. Every woman deserves to have a soul sister in their life. Here are 6 signs you’ve found your soul sister. 

1. You’re Always Your Happiest When You’re With Her 

There is never a dull moment between you and your soul sister. Each time you both are together there is nothing but uncontrollably giggles and smiles. Those laughs can be over something so small, but worth every tear drop and stomachache caused by the extreme amount of laughing. 

2. You Feel Like You’ve Known Each Other Forever 

It feels like you have known this person for a lifetime but in reality, it has only been for a month. The first time you two met everything just instantly clicked. It just seems as if you’re picking up where you left off. 

3. They’ve Become Your “Go To” Person 

Your soul sister is your go to person for everything. She’s the first person you call when you are feeling down and need a good laugh. Or when you need help picking out an outfit for date night. Or even when you are in desperate need of advice. She’s your girl that you know will pick up the phone no matter what time it is. 

4. She Brings Out The Best In You 

A soul sis brings out the best qualities in you. When you are around her, the most unique parts of you are awakened and accepted. You become more and more selfless. 

5.They Understand You And Never Judges 

Your soul sister walks with you through your darkest moments and listens without judgement. You never fear to tell her anything because you know you will not be judged. 

6. She Is Your Biggest Cheerleader 

When your soul sister succeeds, you succeed. She’s your biggest support! She is crying happy tears with you when you receive the promotion you’ve been waiting on for years. Or when your clientele has increased. She provides you with all the support you need so that you can achieve all your goals. 


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