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Penny Pincher

As I grow into my adulthood the one thing I worry about the most is MONEY! Suddenly, I understand why Jada and the girls decided to set it off. Getting and saving money has proven to be a bit of a struggle for millennials across the country. But girl don’t buy your Party City wig and Dickie jumpsuit just yet. Here are 4 small ways to effectively save your coins sis. 

  1. You got food at home! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American household spends about $3,000 dining out each year. All 3 of those bands could be in your savings account if you meal prep and cook your own meals. It will help you with your weightloss goals and keep your wallet obese. 

  2. Pay Yourself First. This concept may seem unlikely, but it’s key. Whenever you get paid set aside a sum of money to stash away in your savings account. Small or large it all adds up. There are plenty of helpful savings apps that will will make transferring money quick and easy. 

  3. Hustle! The key to achieving real wealth is to keep the bags rolling in. This may be easier said than done, but obtaining multiple streams of income is a must. Do freelance work, pick up a part time job, start your own small business. Stay focused on your financial goals during the process. It can be tiring, but keep your end goal in mind. 

  4. Stop Shopping. Yes, you should treat yourself and self care is great, but sis you don’t have to buy something everytime Fashionnova sends you a sale text. (I may just be talking to myself.) Check your retail therapy habits! Set a shopping limit for yourself and stick to it! You’d be surprised how many usless pairs of shoes, bundles, and makeup palettes are sitting in your closet when that money could be sitting in your bank account acquiring interest. Quick tip: Build your credit by charging your frivolous finds on a credit card that you can easily pay off.

If your finances are still catching up to your dreams, be encouraged. You aren’t alone. According to The Washington Post, Millennials own only 3.2% of the nation’s overall wealth. We’ve all got some serious catching up to do. Challenge yourself to save money and watch the stacks rise. You may reach millionaire status before you know it. 


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