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Passion Drives Success

Are you applying for a grant? Scholarship? Fellowship? Listen, these applications can be a little daunting but here are a few tips. 


Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. In this context, imagine that compelling desire for something that inspires you to bring change to this world. Do you have a story? Think about it long and hard and write it down. Read it aloud to yourself.  You may inspire yourself.  Some are passionate about helping little girls learn about STEM and inspire them to be the next scientist, engineers, and mathematicians. Some are passionate about the earth and want to see a change in sustainability. Your story will inspire others. Readers and listeners will hear what pushes you, what drives you, and even what makes your blood boil. They want to know that the funds are being invested in someone who is determined to bring that change. 


Be honest when you present your story. If you have scars don’t be afraid to share them. Was it a bad grade? A time that you were scared? Don’t hide your scars. They are a reminder of how strong you are. It shows that you are determined to continue. You are a fierce Black Woman, who won’t take defeat for an answer. The scholarship committee wants to hear what happened. Tell the story with dignity and show that you have grown from the scar. Remember sis, the scar does not define you. 

3.) Write your application with confidence.

Tell yourself, “Paying for school will not be an issue for me”, “I will get this scholarship!”. Think about it like this: “Paying for school will be the least of my worries, now I can focus on changing the world!”

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