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God Bless These __ Somethings

How many serial planners and hopeless romantics do we have in the room? Good, so we’re all here! So many of us knew we’d have two degrees secured, a perfect family, and be cruising through life positioned in our dream jobs by the age 30. For all of the people who are living the dream or on the course, I thoroughly salute you, applaud you, and encourage you to continue pursuing all of your heart’s desires. However, this is for the people who are not and feel they are failing some type of imaginary timeline. First, pause right now! Inhale and exhale.

Your timeline is not made to be in-sync with anyone else’s. Your life course has its own track and its own obstacles. You only fail when you stop running your own race, not when you catch up to someone else. While you were busy chasing that promotion accomplishment that one of your peers obtained, you missed the part on your course that lead to your passion. Now you have a promotion in a place you don’t want to be with regrets and fear of doubling back or starting over. When you settled your heart on that one guy to make sure you and your friends were jumping the broom around the same time, you just signed up for heartache and stress, because your future groom was at the wedding. These are just case scenarios but believe it or not, it’s easy to unintentionally jump the gun on things that have no deadline. By no means should you simply never take your life by the reigns to accomplish the things you want. It has been proven time and time again that faith without works is dead, but don’t highjack the reigns on someone else’s horse that is not set to lead you. Does your faith lie in comparison or in knowing that what is meant for you will be for you as it is already designed? 

We are in a digital age. Perfected images are more accessible to us more now than ever before, because social media is literally at our fingertips. Take a moment to consider how many angles you practice and how many photos you delete before that perfect picture makes it to your social media feed. Well life is like that. That picture-perfect couple you idealize is not posting their hardships and the deleted and undesirable moments don’t make it out publicly to be critiqued. Some of the accomplishments you see people celebrate and post, also had tear-filled and stressed out nights. Most success stories include means of consistency, determination, passion, resilience, support, networking and resources. However, trials and failures are often apart of success stories too. Do not let your first failure or hardship determine the outcome of the end result. Go out and write your own success story. Your story may not look like the person next to you, but it will be worth the journey. You will appreciate those long, dark roads that lead to a sunny exit, way more than trying to find a detour or escape route. Inhale, exhale, and the best of wishes to you on YOUR journey! 


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