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Expect To Learn

School has been reformatted to fit the necessary precautions of our current world pandemic. Zoom and our homes have become our classroom! How could we have known that we would have to relearn how to learn! However, here are a few tips. 

Number one:

You signed up for these courses for a reason. This reason is that you want to be able to learn something so that it may be applied to the degree that you want to receive! With that being said, get your notebook, pen, and highlighters and takes some notes. Expect to write something down that you need to know for later. Expect to write something down that you knew prior to this class but being able to apply it to your degree. Expect to learn something sis!

Number Two:

Limit all distractions. Sis, INSTARAM, FACEBOOK, and TWITTER is not going anywhere. Feeling the need to check it during class is not helpful. It is easier to get distracted while on a zoom call for class. Think about it. The professor cannot see you, neither can they hear you. Therefore, why not do what you want. However, it is not conducive to your learning. Also, remember your environment. If you are in your bed listening to a lecture, you may be prone to getting comfortable and falling  to sleep. Try to find a place in your home that will allow you to be productive in class. It could be the kitchen table, outside on the porch, or even a seat on the floor against the wall. 

Number 3:

Be interactive online. Ask questions to your professor. Answer questions they ask. Whatever will keep you engaged in class, do it. The more you engage with the material the more you are likely to position yourself to do well in the course! 

Sis, this pandemic may or may not leave, but your goals are what really matter. Again, you are in school to reach a goal. Though things may not have gone as planned, you will still obtain your degree! Keep your head up sis!


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