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Code to the Safe

Having someone’s password is a big deal. If you have the password to another person’s phone, you have access to their whole life (contacts, text messages, etc). There must be a level of trust established in order to grant someone access to your personal accounts. We give this access to people we trust and know have our best interest at heart. 

In the same way, granting people access to your energy and time should be evaluated. Who has access to you? The individuals we allow into our environment play a major role in our lives. There are some individuals who are only meant to be in your life for a season. Everyone can’t go where you are headed. It is important to observe the people you hang around in your daily life. 

The people you allow in your circle can affect your path more than you know.

If there is someone in your life who encourages you to grow and become a better version of you, keep them close. These are the type of friendships that should be nurtured and valued.

People who are only connected to you for personal gain and ill intentions should not be a part of your circle.

Observe your circle by asking yourself a few questions: 

1.) How does this person respond when I succeed? 

2.) Are they speaking positivity over my life? 

3.) Can I trust this person? 

4.) How does this person treat other people? 

5.) Do I feel comfortable sharing my dreams and desires with this person? 

Although we are all individuals, we have common traits that attract us to one another. If someone in your circle has a negative outlook on something that is important to you, their opinions may alter your opinions. Choose to surround yourself with people who support your goals. Let go of people who are distracting you from your goals. Quality should be favored over quantity. 


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