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Build Your Black Girl Confidence

As a woman of color, it is extremely common for us to experience low self-esteem and overcome it, especially during our young ages. Black women are often told that they are too dark. Or that they’re too aggressive. Or that they’re angry. Or too loud. You get side eyed by the way you wear your hair. By the way you dress. By the way you speak. You receive subtle insults from all sorts of races, even our own sometimes. And let’s not forget the amount of microaggressions you run into. The most common being....

“You’re so pretty, for a black girl.”

Often though it’s not even others doing the criticizing, it's ourselves. Sadly, due to the issues around the world that make black women feel inferior, it leads to lack of confidence within itself. The inferiority may be based off level of attractiveness, or weight, or even just conscious feelings of not being good enough. Learning to love the skin you’re in is so incredibly crucial. 

Building confidence can be a hard task. It can be a rollercoaster of pain, tears, stress, emotional and mental exhaustion. But once the ride is over you will reach your destination of happiness. 

Building Black Girl Confidence Tips:

1.) Every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed smile at yourself in the mirror. Point out characteristics that you like about yourself. Even if it’s something very small, point it out. 

2.)Speak affirmations daily. Come up with your own mantra. 

3.) Write a list of positive traits about yourself. 

4.)Compliment yourself DAILY.

5.)Workout. Drink water. Practice self-care.

6.)Stop comparing yourself to others.  

Stop worrying about how the world perceives you and work on how YOU perceive yourself. When you’re content with who you are, the voices of others who try to define you are not important. 

Always Remember, 

You are worthy. You are strong. You are powerful. 

Start loving your blackness, because it is so beautiful. 

Let’s build that black girl confidence, sis. 


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