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Breathe. You’re Okay.

Financial crisis. 

Job loss.


Failed relationship. 



Life sometimes brings enormous difficulties and challenges that seem just too hard to bear. We go through days where we just don’t believe that we have nothing more in us too keep going. We have no fight in us left. Often though we forget to remind ourselves that the curveballs life throws at us is a part of living. Naturally, when things go left, we think nothing but the absolute worst. We dig into this undermining mindset. The best thing to do though is so simple, breathe. Remind yourself that you are okay and that this is only temporary. Breathe and remember that you have been this uncomfortable and scared before, yet you still survived. Whatever is taking a toll on you right now, remember that it is only a matter of time until things will be alright for you again. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not worry, not wonder. Just breathe and keep the faith. When you feel like you are at your lowest, take a long walk and relax your mind. Reflect on the times you were in the same position and remember how you made it out. 

When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They are sent to strengthen and nourish you. Remember that you are strong enough to handle whatever challenges you are facing right now. You are wise enough to find a solution and capable enough to do whatever it takes to overcome it. The first thing you must do though is breathe and remind yourself that you are okay. It may not make sense right now but once you get to the end of the tunnel everything will make perfect sense. 

Breathe. You’re Okay. 


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