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Black Girl Skin

As I sat in bed, lava lamp on and candles burning, I searched my TV for the perfect Youtube video. This is my nightly wind-down ritual. My suggestions are usually filled with makeup and natural hair tutorials so it came as no surprise that I stumbled across a video of the incomparable Naomi Campbell putting on makeup. Her smooth, dewy skin literally made me jealous. I quickly reached for moisturizer and watched intently. 

Sis, here are 4 easy ways to glow like Mama Naomi.

  1. It Goes Without Saying. Put down whatever you are drinking and run to the nearest cup of water. According to, water boosts elasticity, flushes impurities, and improves common skin conditions. Not a big fan of plain water? Add lemon, fruits, or even cucumber to remix the taste and get extra health benefits. 

  2. Don’t Stress. Whew chileee! This may be the hardest rule on the list to follow. Try your very best not to get stressed out. For some, you may as well ask them to hold their breath all day. found that stress induces acne, unwanted eye bags, excessively dry or oily skin, rashes, and even wrinkles. Find an effective way like journaling, working out, or painting to relieve stress. Woosah!

  3. Product Junkie. I am not a newbie in the skin game. I’m thankful to have had a grandmother who always preached that young ladies should have pretty skin. If you have problem skin then using a plethora of products may be best for you, but I assure you keeping it simple always works. Find a staple cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and mask. Stick to a routine and stay tuned for the glow. 

  4. Black Don’t Crack, But These Streets Will Age You. We all live for a good turn up, but here’s the thing, there is nothing cute about looking tired. Alcohol and late nights take a tremendous toll on your skin, and sis we’re trying to age gracefully.  There comes a time when we all must sit down. Take a chill pill, buy a few masks from Target, and spend the night in. 

Though Black women have often been disregarded and putdown for our skin, walk in your truth. We are the standard in beauty, the original woman, and walking reflections of God’s light. You are beautiful. Take care of your skin. Get your life once more with Naomi here.

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