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5 Ways To Enhance Your Linkedin Profile

Most college graduates walk across their alma mater’s stage with big plans. Plans to conquer, change, and shape the world. Too bad life is a party pooper with an undeniable talent for humbling you. Sis, finding a job is a job. One thing you can do to stand out to potential employers is to make your online presence known. Here are 5 ways to make your Linkedin profile pop. 

  1. Showstopper. First impressions are and always will be an essential part of the job application process. Make sure that your profile picture is professional and high quality. Grab their attention by incorporating a pop of color in your clothes, background, or even on the lips. Keep your industry’s standards in mind when doing so. Also, create a customized header with those same colors to create a sleek, bold profile that says, “I am the ideal candidate.”

  2.   Emerge. They came to your page to see what you can do, so show them. Be sure to add your resume to your profile, outlining your experience in detail. Go the extra mile by including links to work samples. According to, “Using a professional portfolio on LinkedIn allows you to use real examples of your work to back up your resume. Many candidates might only say they have been successful, but uploading your portfolio lets you prove it by showcasing your work.” 

  3. Capable. Beef up your page by taking skills quizzes and show potential employers that you know your stuff. Be prepared! The quizzes are harder than they seem.

  4. Shine. It’s not always what you know. Sometimes, its who you know. Try having strong endorsements on your profile from previous bosses. Having great recommendations will set you apart from other applicants. 

  5. Soar. Get noticed by reposting and sharing relevant content. Pay attention to your field’s latest trends and stay up to date on news in your community. You’ll gain more connections and even network with other like-minded professionals. 

Getting a job isn’t always easy. You may fill out tons of applications before receiving a single call back. Stay positive! In the meantime think of creative ways to add experience to your resume and make your online persona so professional and eye-catching that employers won’t pass you by. Learn more creative ways to enhance your Linkedin profile here. 

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